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Orga Systems GmbH
Industry Software, Programming, Telecommunications, Consulting
Founded Paderborn (2003)
Key people
Wolfgang Kroh, CEO, Roland Kirch, CFO, Dr Ralf Guckert, CTO
Products GOLD Convergent Charging and Billing, GOLD Catalog and Order Management, GOLD Smart Prepaid Utility Billing, Consulting Services
Number of employees

Orga Systems was a software vendor for convergent charging and billing solutions with an international customer base in telecommunications, utilities and automotive markets.

The medium sized[1] company was headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, and operated in 11 additional locations: Berlin (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dubai (UAE), Istanbul (Turkey), Kiev (Ukraine), Kolkata (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Madrid (Spain), Moscow (Russia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Rome (Italy).

Orga Systems provided real time charging and billing, integrated policy control and charging, as well as order management, all driven by a central product catalog.

The company’s strongest footprint was in Central and Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe.

In March 2015 Orga Systems filed for bankruptcy.[2] [3]

In June 2015 Orga Systems was acquired by Redknee.[4]


Orga Systems, Paderborn
Orga Systems, Rome
Orga Systems, Istanbul
Orga Systems, Kiew
Orga Systems, Kuala Lumpur

Orga Systems has its roots in a global supplier of smart-card solutions for mobile telecommunications, banks, retail, health care and the Internet. In the middle of the 1990s, two separate business units “chip card production“ and “system development“ were created. On 1 January 2003, the division of the two business units led to the spin-off of the system development department and Orga Systems GmbH was established.

Under a new private shareholder, Orga Systems took over and founded further subsidiaries. At the same time, there was a strategic focus on real-time based solutions for customer billing and administration in mobile telecommunication services.

In 1994 Orga Systems launched the world’s first GSM prepaid billing system in Portugal.[citation needed] Over the years Orga Systems increased its solution portfolio. Based on the company’s real-time expertise gained in the telco environment, Orga Systems started to exploit new markets in the field of sister industries such as Utilities[5] and Automotive.[6][citation needed]

Products and Services[edit]


  • GOLD Convergent Charging and Billing
  • GOLD Catalog and Order Management
  • GOLD Smart Prepaid Utility Billing
  • Interconnect Billing
  • Inventory and Number Management System
  • Virtual Voucher System
  • SIMtelligence Center
  • SIMtelligence Center GSM-R

Industries [8]

  • Communication
  • Utility
  • Automotive
  • Services


Orga Systems participates in national and international research projects:

  • EASI-CLOUDS – the objective of ITEA2 EASI-CLOUDS is to provide a comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure, future pillar of this fast growing market. The EASI-CLOUDS infrastructure will feature the three classical categories of cloud computing offerings – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • EMD – Extended and Adaptive Services for Electric Mobility: The project aims at enabling innovative e-mobility services by interconnecting applications and their data in an emergent manner. The main goal is enabling adaptive service-composition of e-mobility services utilizing innovative information and communication technologies for a seamless industrial and private use.
  • Connected Energy – SHAPE: Key topic of the project is the efficient utilization of energy in multi-family houses
  • SDS – Service Design Studio: The aim of the project is to develop the “Service Design Studio” (SDS), a tool to extend existing IT services by service descriptions concerning security, service level agreements and charging and billing
  • Smart EM –The project is going to investigate sustainable business and market models for electric mobility.
  • UrbanWater – Intelligent UrbanWater Management System: This project, co-funded by the European Commission, concentrates on the efficient utilization of water in dense populated urban areas.[9]

Industry Recognition[edit]

Over the years Orga Systems won a number of awards within its industry, including:

  • 2013 Pipeline Innovation Award[10] “Vendor of the Year”
  • 2013 Pipeline Innovation Award[10] "Innovation in Customer Experience Management" (Runners-up)
  • 2013 Pipeline Innovation Award[10] "Innovation in Connectivity" (Runners-up)
  • 2012 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award[11] “Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation”
  • 2012 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award[11] “Smart Grid Infrastructure Innovation”
  • 2012 Pipeline Innovation Award[12] “Advanced Connectivity”
  • 2012 Pipeline Innovation Award[12] “Best Deployment”
  • 2012 Global Telecoms Business[13] “Power100”
  • 2011 Broadband Traffic Management Award[14] “Best Use Of Traffic Management For Improving Customer Experience”
  • 2011 Global Telecoms Business[15] “Power100”
  • 2010 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award [16]"Convergent Billing Innovation"
  • 2010 Global Telecoms Business[17] “Power100”
  • 2009 “Top Job Award”[18] for exceptional human resource management
  • 2008 TM Forum Management World Excellence Award[19] "Most Innovative Application of Customer Care"
  • 2008 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award[20] "Emerging Markets Service Innovation"
  • 2007 World BSS Award[21] “Overall Best Contribution to BSS”