Osamu Noguchi

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Osamu Noguchi
Born(1934-01-24)January 24, 1934
DiedMay 9, 2016(2016-05-09) (aged 82)
OccupationKickboxing promoter
Known forCreating Kickboxing[1]

Osamu Noguchi (野口 修, Noguchi Osamu) (24 January 1934 - 9 May 2016) is often credited for creating the sport and the term kickboxing.[2] Kickboxing is often seen as a variant of Muay Thai.[3][4][5]


Born in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo . Father is former professional boxing Noguchi Boxing Gym founder of Lion Noguchi in Japan champion . Noguchi today brother . Meiji High School and Meiji University graduation . Noguchi gym affiliation flyweight Prizefighter serving Misako Hitoshi sauteed Masaki was a close friend of the same age .

Teiken boxing gym chairman Honda Akihiko father East Boxing Association first president to Akira Honda is loved in, after working as a referee and promoter Jim Chairman and East Association director in the professional boxing world, in 1966, the name of the "kick- boxing " devised, he founded the Japan KickBoxing Association. That is a kick boxing creator .

By the way, to the Hideki first of the players singled out, Ayakari to Tadashi Nakamura defeated Muay Thai giants at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Thailand as karate representative in 1964, named Tadashi Sawamura. Opening theme of the lyrics of the anime " kick of demon " I'm also in charge . By had lyricist of Yoko Yamaguchi persuasion friendship, Noguchi promotion was a contract with Mitani Ken singer in 1970 as a record singer . Mitani renamed to " Itsuki Hiroshi " the following year, this Yamaguchi Yoko lyrics in March of the year, Hirao Masaaki is single record " Yokohama Twilight " is the launch of a composer, Itsuki played a re- debut . 1976, founded the World Kickboxing Association (WKBA).

In 1998, it gave the endorsement to New Japan Kickboxing Association.

In May 2016, Noguchi died.[6][7]

Popular culture[edit]

Osamu Noguchi appears as character in the anime Kick no Oni an animated cartoon based on the life of the kickboxer Tadashi Sawamura.[8]


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