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Establishment of primary school[edit]

Our Lady of Salvation School[1] was started by Msgr. George Fernandes on 6 June 1940 in a small room at Mohammed Mansion, Gokhale Road, South, Dadar (w) for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized boys from the wadis of Dadar. After Msgr. George's transfer, Msgr, F.X. Vaz took over the school as a parish school. Later, Mrs. Elizabeth D'Souza (then Mrs. Elizabeth Lobo) took over from Ms. Ida Lawrence and was headmistress for ten years. Mrs. Cissy Mendonca was appointed Headmistress around June 1950. By now, the school was shifted to two rooms in Ekbal building. Later, when the Dadar Convent shifted to a new school building at Prabhadevi, our primary school occupied the building next to the church. In 1962, an application was made to the education department to start a secondary school to meet the needs of the growing number of children. On 10 June 1962, the secondary section started and was named Our Lady of Salvation High School.

Establishment of Secondary School[edit]

The first principals of the secondary school were Fr. Phillip D'Souza, Fr. Michael Paes, Fr. Valerian Godinho and Fr. Noel Britto. On 16 March 1968, the Christian Brothers were given charge of the school. The first principal was Br. J.A.McPhilemy, and he was joined by Br. M.D. Karan and Br. L. Mosely. To build up the self-esteem and self-confidence of the poor boys, Br. Karan staged an opera, 'The Mikado'. After that, operas have been staged at regular intervals.

Annual Activities[edit]

Operas are often considered as events of a formidable cost, restricted to the upper crust of society. However, Our Lady of Salvation School, located in a lower middle income area where the idea of an opera was alien to many has produced Gilbert and Sullivan operas year after year. The Christian Brothers' belief in the hidden talents and capacities of their students was fully justified when watching these performances at the Ravindra Natya Mandir. These were the "miracles" performed by students with a minimal background of English music, customs, traditions or for that matter even the language itself.


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