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Ourasi in September 2006

Ourasi (7 April 1980 – 12 January 2013) was a chestnut French Trotter. He earned $2,913,314 during his career. His harness racing victories included three consecutive Prix d'Amérique at Vincennes, the second by approximately 18 lengths. Ourasi is considered by many to be the Horse of the Century. He won more than 50 consecutive races. Jean-René Gougeon (who died in July 2008), his trainer and driver, won the "Prix d'Amérique" with Ourasi 3 times. Ourasi won the "Prix d'Amérique" a fourth time with Minou Gougeon, the brother of Jean René Gougeon, who had had a stroke.


Ourasi was born in Normandy in a small stud belonging to Raoul Ostheimer and Rachel Tessier. He was siredby Greyhound F out of Fleurasie by Remember F (his sire was not the illustrious American trotter of the same name).

Racing record[edit]

When Ourasi was 2 years old, he made his racing debut. He was trained by Rachel Ostheimer and driven by Raoul Ostheimer, who was deaf.

At the beginning of 1989, Ourasi was 9 years old. With Ourasi trying to win his fourth Prix d'Amérique, the French president, François Mitterrand, came to see the race. Few expected Ourasi to lose. However, he finished third behind "Queila Gédé" and "Potin d'Amour".

On 28 January 1990, Ourasi entered history as he broke the Prix d'Amérique's record.


After mating with 130 mares from France, Scandinavia and United States, Ourasi produced only 8 foals from his first year at stud. Specialists were called from the whole world, but nothing could be done, and within 10 years Ourasi produced just 38 foals. None of these foals became a champion such as Ourasi.


Ourasi was put down on 12 January 2013 after a brief spell of sickness, which had prevented him from eating for several days.

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Main honourable mentions[edit]

 United States



Pedigree of Ourasi
Ura Carioca II Mousko Williams
Gelinotte Kairos
Strada Jamin Abner
Etchida Hernani III
Remembrer Atus II Hernani III
Bredouille Quiroga II
Tania du mont L'X Carioca II
Moniqua II Euripide

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