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Pöörilaiu lighthouse

Pöörilaid (alternately: Pööriotsa laid) is an islet in the Baltic Sea belonging to the country of Estonia.

Pöörilaid covers approximately 0.0195 hectares, with a perimeter of 1.7 kilometers.[1] The islet has a sinuous coastline and has, through natural process, become connected to the islet of Selglaid.[2] The islet is fully protected since 1976 as part of the Sparrow Islets Landscape reserve (Estonian: Varbla laidude maastikukaitseala), and is an important breeding site for 54 species of birds.[3]

Pöörilaid belongs administratively to Varbla Parish in Pärnu County. A fully operational lighthouse has been in use on the island since its construction in 1939, and is maintained by the Estonian Maritime Administration. [4]

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Coordinates: 58°27′40″N 23°37′46″E / 58.46111°N 23.62944°E / 58.46111; 23.62944