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All Terrain Attack Vehicle
P6 ATAV HUT TNI 2017.jpg
P6 ATAV at TNI anniversary 2017
TypeLight attack vehicle
Place of originIndonesia
Service history
In service2016-present
Production history
DesignerPT. Surya Sentra Ekajaya
ManufacturerPT. Surya Sentra Ekajaya
Weight2.5 tons
Length4.6 m
Width2.3 m
Height1.5 m
Passengers5 passengers

Engine4-cylinder turbo diesel 2.300cc
142 HP at 3.400 RPM
Power/weight56 HP/ton
Fuel capacity120 litres
500 km
Speed120 km/h

P6 ATAV is an Indonesian Light Attack Vehicle, manufactured by PT. Sentra Surya Ekayaja (SSE Defence). It made first public appearance in Indo Defence 2016. It is classified as rantis (kendaraan taktis – tactical vehicle) by Indonesian military.[1]


P6 ATAV is manufactured by SSE Defense, the same company that manufactured P2 Pakci, P2 Commando, and P3 Cheetah. In general shape, P6 is similar to P3, but with wider and shorter body. P6 uses tubular frame and “open” body design without door and protective glass. It is constructed from high grade steel material and dual aluminium. Foreign vehicles that uses this body design is Light Strike Vehicle (Singapore) and General Dynamics Flyer.

P6 has 3 points for mounting weapons, preferably 7.62mm MGs. The mounting is at the top of the vehicle, passenger left and passenger right side of the vehicle. In the future, it can be used to mount Anti-tank missile, Surface-to-air missile, and minigun. The P6 ATAV only has light armor protection (aluminium) to ensure its lightweight and agility.[2]

In dimension, P6 ATAV is 4.6 m long, 2.3 m wide, and 1.5 m high. For the engine, it uses 4-cylinder turbo diesel 2.300 cc. The power is 142 HP at 3.400 RPM. Just like Flyer, the engine is located at the rear. As an offroad vehicle, P6 uses independent suspension, and offroad winch. Although lightly armoured, P6 uses run flat tire and automatic transmission. At full fuel tank (120 litres), P6 is able to reach 500 km and achieve 120 km/hour top speed.[3]


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