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PBS Digital Studios is a YouTube channel and network through which PBS distributes original educational web video content. It comprises both original series and partnerships with existing YouTube channels. Most of the series are about science, pop culture, art, food, news, and music, though the channel originally launched with a series of video remixes based on PBS icons such as Mr. Rogers.


PBS Digital Studios was founded by Jason Seiken in June 2012.[1] They had their first viral hit with a "remix" of autotuned vocals from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood titled "Garden of Your Mind."[2]

The PBS Digital Studios network has received more than 500 million views and has over 7 million subscribers. Popular series found on their channels include Crash Course, Blank on Blank, It’s Okay To Be Smart, and the multiple Webby Award-winning PBS Idea Channel.[3] Each month, the shows average more than 5 million streams.[4]

Its first scripted series, Frankenstein, MD, launched on August 19, 2014 and ran until October 31, 2014.

In 2015, PBS Digital Studios partnered with the Green brothers' series Crash Course, commissioning three courses in astronomy, U.S. government, and philosophy. [5] Crash Course Astronomy launched January 15, 2015, Crash Course U.S. Government & Politics launched January 23, 2015, and Crash Course Philosophy launched February 8, 2016.

In addition to commissioning series, PBS Digital Studios have partnered with existing YouTube channels. They partnered with BrainCraft in June, 2014[6] and Physics Girl in August, 2015.[7]

In 2017 the network cancelled a slew of its shows, including popular channels like PBS Game/Show & the PBS Idea Channel.

Current Series[edit]

Cancelled Series[edit]

  • PBS Idea Channel
  • Everything But The News
  • Songs for Unusual Creatures
  • PBS Game/Show
  • Blank on Blank
  • Unusual Spaces
  • Shanks FX
  • Full Time Kid
  • Coma Niddy
  • Modern Comedian
  • Gross Science
  • PBS Infinite Series

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