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PG or P.G. may refer to:

Film ratings[edit]

PG is a common type of content rating that applies to media entertainment, such as films, television shows and computer games, generally denoting "Parental Guidance". The following organizations all use the rating:

The "PG" rating is further documented at Motion picture content rating system and Television content rating system.

Businesses and brands[edit]



  • P.G., Brazilian musician and singer who performed with the band Oficina G3
  • P. G. Sittenfeld (born 1984), member of the City Council of Cincinnati


Science and technology[edit]

Biology and chemistry[edit]

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • PG(n,q), n-dimensional finite geometry over Galois field GF(q)
  • pg (Unix), a Unix system command
  • Paleogene, a geologic period and system
  • Panzergewinde, a contraction of the German Stahlpanzerrohrgewinde (steel conduit thread), a type of thread used for cable glands
  • Petagram (Pg), an SI unit of mass based on the kilogram
  • Picogram (pg), an SI unit of mass based on the kilogram

Other uses[edit]