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Coat of Arms of the Pahlen patriarchs

von der Pahlen (Russian: Пален, Palen) is a noble Estonian, Russian, Lithuanian and Swedish family of Baltic German origin. The family probably originated from Pomerania but in the beginning of 15th century moved to Livonia. The first historical account of this family dates to 1290 when Johannes de Pala was Vogt at Turaida.

On 18 September 1679 Charles XI of Sweden granted a barony to five brothers of the family and all their descendants. In 1799 , Emperor Paul I of Russia gave Peter Ludwig von der Pahlen and all his descendants the count rank. By the decision of Russian Empire of 1755 and 1865, most of the other members of Pahlen received the baronial rank Russian. Members of the branches with Russian baronial titles also live in Sweden, and form part of the unintroduced nobility.

Among the notable members of the family:


Coordinates: 54°16′N 9°17′E / 54.267°N 9.283°E / 54.267; 9.283