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Tadmur District (Arabic: منطقة تدمر‎ / ALA-LC: Minṭaqat Tadmur) is a district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Homs Governorate, Syria. At the 2004 Census it had a population of 76,942.[1] Its administrative centre is the city of Tadmur, near ancient Palmyra/Tadmor.


The district of Tadmur is divided into two sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population according to 2004 official census):

  • Tadmur Nahiyah (ناحية تدمر): population 55,062.[2]
  • Al-Sukhnah Nahiyah (ناحية السخنة): population 21,880.[3]


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Coordinates: 34°33′N 38°16′E / 34.550°N 38.267°E / 34.550; 38.267