Palra d'El Rebollal

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Palra d'El Rebollal (Spanish habla del Rebollar) is a dialect of Leonese or Extremaduran spoken in the share of El Rebollal, in Salamanca (Spain): Navasfrías (Navafrías), El Payo (Payu), Peñaparda (Peñaparda), Villasrubias (Villarrubias) and Robleda (Robrea).


  • Final vocals are closed in "-I" and "-U" (in Spanish the same final vocals are in "-E" and "-O"): "perru" (Spanish perro, English dog), "ríu" (Spanish río, English river), "verdi" (Spanish verde, English green),...
  • Article is used with the possessive adjective. "La mi cassa" (Spanish Mi casa, English my house), "el mi dagal" (Spanish mi niño, English my child, my son),...
  • Although most words exhibiting it are no longer used, a common plural ending was -is. Examples: las cucharis, las vaquis.

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