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Product typeHair products
Produced byMarico
Previous ownersBombay Oil Industries

Parachute is a brand name for a range of coconut-based hair products manufactured by Marico.


Parachute is the flagship brand of Marico. Before the 1992 economic liberalisation in India the government classified vegetable oils as an essential commodity and .[1]

In the late 1990s Marico made its first serious entry into foreign markets by setting up a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. Parachute's market share rose to 70% within ten years and it had become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in that country.[1]


Marico makes two kinds of coconut oil, Parachute edible grade cum hair oil, and Parachute Advansed Hair oil.

Parachute edible oil contains 100% coconut oil, whereas Advansed hair oil contains 50% mineral oil along with coconut oil. Mineral oil is known to cause cancer.


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