Parade of the Lost Souls

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Participants symbolically burn their fear at the Parade of Lost Souls, 2002
Firedancing at the Parade of Lost Souls, 2002

The Parade of the Lost Souls is an annual event in Vancouver organized by Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, which took over in 2013 from the Public Dreams Society,[1][2] and takes place in East Vancouver, at a secret location disclosed the night before. It occurs the Saturday closest to Halloween. Though an annual event, it did not occur in 2005 due to logistical concerns.

It was initiated by Public Dreams under the direction of founding artistic director Paula Jardine

The Grandview-Woodland community participates in the decoration and clean-up of the event, sometimes blurring the line between performer, volunteer, and spectator. Participants often dress in costume, bring lanterns, and build shrines in Grandview Park.


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