Paraveterinary workers in Switzerland

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Veterinary medical assistants in Switzerland [Tiermedizinische/r Praxisassistent/in / assistantes en médecine vétérinaire (AMV) / assistenti medicina veterinari (AMV)] organized in 1991 in Berne and are represented by the Swiss Association of Veterinary Medical Assistants [''Vereinigung der schweizerischen tiermedizinischen Praxisassistentinnen / Association Suisse des assistantes en médecine vétérinaire / Associazione Svizzera di assistenti medicina Veterinari (VSTPA/ASAMV)].[1] The curriculum is offered in German in two or three schools and in French at a single site—Ecole Panorama in Lausanne—where students meet each Thursday starting in late August during a three-year apprenticeship for lessons in theory and one day per month for practical training. This training culminates in the award of the National Certificate [Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis als gelernte/r / Certificat Fédéral de Capacité / Attestato federale di capacità (CFC)]in veterinary medical assisting.[2][3]


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