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Not to be confused with Parola, Maharashtra.
Also, see Parola (disambiguation)
Holy Cross Church near Parola, built in the 14th century

Parola is a town in the municipality of Hattula in Finland. It is located 110 kilometres north of Helsinki. Cities nearby include Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Lahti and Forssa.

Many Finnish young men know Parola because of their 6- to 12-month period of armed service at Parolannummi, where the Finnish Armoured Brigade is based.[citation needed] Parola and Hämeenlinna have some historical significance due to old settlements and medieval buildings like Häme Castle and the Holy Cross Church. Another attraction is Parola Tank Museum.

Coordinates: 61°03′00″N 24°22′00″E / 61.05°N 24.3667°E / 61.05; 24.3667