Party Animals (album)

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Party Animals
Studio album by Turbonegro
Released April 27, 2005 (Norway)
May 9, 2005 (Europe)
Recorded LydLab, Oslo, Crystal Canyon, Oslo and Hollywood Sound, Los Angeles November, 2004-January, 2005 by Chris Sansom, Marius Bodin Larsen and Anders Møller
Genre Death punk
Length 47:43
Label Burning Heart Records (Sweden)
Bitzcore Records (Germany)
Abacus Recordings (USA)
Producer Steve McDonald, Turbonegro
Turbonegro chronology
Scandinavian Leather
Party Animals
Small Feces
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars [1]
Pitchfork Media (2.8/10) [2]
Scene Point Blank (9.0/10) [3]

Party Animals is an album by the Norwegian band Turbonegro released in April 2005 in Norway and May 2005 in the rest of Europe. It is the final album in the Apocalypse trilogy. It was released on Burning Heart Records in Sweden, on Bitzcore Records in Germany, and on August 23, 2005, on Abacus Recordings in the United States.

Burning Heart Records also released a version with bonus DVD. It comes with a cardboard sleeve around the jewel-cased Compact Disc/DVD. The bonus DVD contains the Hank von Helvete workout video (Hank in a gym, showing how to lift weights etc.): 'A guide to the perfect deathpunk body'. A free sticker was also included.


For the first time it was decided to work with an external producer. The basic tracks were all recorded in November through December 2004 in Oslo, then finished and mixed in Los Angeles in early 2005 together with Steven Shane McDonald. The album sound appears rather fierce, blunt and with less focus on studio production refinements in comparison to its predecessor Scandinavian Leather.

Keith Morris and Nick Oliveri contribute guest vocals on one song each, as well as the Norwegian Kringkastings Orchestra to supply the dark creeping atmosphere for the six-minute long song "City of Satan", Turbo's ode to their hometown of Oslo.

Bassist Happy-Tom says "It's like the best bits of The Rolling Stones mixed with the best bits of Black Flag, but composed by Shostakovich, Stalin's in-house composer".

"We've got 11 hits, all of them beautifully negative switchblade serenades," says guitarist Euroboy.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Turbonegro.

  1. "Intro: The Party Zone" – 1:58
  2. "All My Friends Are Dead" – 2:36
  3. "Blow Me (Like the Wind)" – 3:16
  4. "City of Satan" – 5:42
  5. "Death From Above" – 3:03
  6. "Wasted Again" – 3:07
  7. "High on the Crime" – 3:19
  8. "If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)" – 2:59
  9. "Stay Free" – 3:45
  10. "Babylon Forever" – 3:51
  11. "Hot Stuff/Hot Shit" – 4:00
  12. "Final Warning" – 2:33
  13. (CD-only Hidden Track) "My Name is Bojan Milankovic" – 4:29



  • Alexander Benjaminsen – Photo Production
  • Marius Bodin – Engineer
  • Arne Kristian Dypvik – Engineer
  • Evan Frankfort – Mixing
  • Joe Giron – Photo Production
  • Morten Hermansen – Engineer
  • Erin Kredel – Make-Up
  • Inger Kvalvik – Engineer
  • Martin Kvamme – Design
  • Johanna Lacabanne – Costume Design
  • Sebastian Ludvigsen – Photography
  • Steven Shane McDonald – Producer
  • Aders Møller – Engineer
  • Chris Sansom – Engineer
  • Pia Simensen – Costume Design
  • Gaute Storaas – Arranger
  • Turbonegro – Producer
  • Aleks Tamulis – Assistant
  • Brad Vance – Mastering

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