Passion (Jennifer Rush album)

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Passion - Jennifer Rush.jpg
Studio album by Jennifer Rush
Released November 1988
Genre Pop rock, adult contemporary
Label CBS Records
Producer Harold Faltermeyer, Keith Forsey, Michael Omartian, Ric Wake, Jellybean
Jennifer Rush chronology
Heart Over Mind
Wings of Desire

Passion is the fourth studio album by American singer Jennifer Rush.[1]

Following on from the success of her previous album, Rush continued working with much of the same team of writers and producers. This album however failed to find the same high level of success and didn't chart at all in the UK. However sales were satisfying in her most successful market, Germany, where the album reached No.3 and was certified platinum.[citation needed] The lead single "You're My One and Only" became a hit, but further releases "Keep All the Fires Burning Bright" and "Love Get Ready" did little to generate interest.[2]

Single success did come a few months later in the UK, when a duet with Plácido Domingo, "Till I Loved You" became a hit in the summer of 1989.[3] The record company however failed to capitalise on this by not repromoting the album.

Notable tracks on this album include "Same Heart" - a duet with Michael Bolton, although this came a year before his international breakthrough (another opportunity for repromotion), and "Remind My Heart" which was a collaboration with producer Jellybean Benitez who was currently at the peak of his fame.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Love Get Ready" (Michael Bolton, Bob Halligan Jr.) 4.03
  2. "You're My One and Only" (Marti Sharron, Chuck Wild) 3.41
  3. "Falling in Love" (Ernie Gold) 3.59
  4. "When I Look in Your Eyes" (Jack Conrad, Larry Henley) 3.20
  5. "Remind My Heart" (Diane Warren) 4.31
  6. "Keep All the Fires Burning Bright" (Jennifer Rush, Harold Faltermeyer, Keith Forsey) 4.53

Side Two

  1. "Same Heart" (Michael Bolton, Bob Halligan Jr.) 4.17
  2. "My Heart is Still Young" (Jennifer Rush, Michael Roth, Geoffrey Iwamoto) 4.00
  3. "You Don't Know What You've Got ('Til it's Gone)" (Marti Sharron, Chuck Wild) 4.30
  4. "Rain Coming Down on Me" (Jennifer Rush, Bob Marlette, Nancy Shanks) 4.06
  5. "Now That it's Over" (Michael Bolton, Doug James) 4.02


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