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Pataua North is a settlement in Northland Region, New Zealand. It lies at the mouth of the Pataua River on the Pacific Ocean, and is connected to Pataua South by a footbridge over the estuary.

There are around 100 houses in the settlement, most of which are holiday homes. According to the 2006 New Zealand census, the Pataua-Whareora area had a population of 993, though the majority of that is spread along the Pataua North Road.[1] So the permanent population is likely to be around 100 individuals.

A community hall is run by the Pataua Outdoor Education and Recreation Trust.[2] that is now used mostly for school camps by Primary and Secondary schools from the Whangarei District, but was once a one-room school, that closed in the 1980s due to low numbers.

In recent years a number of the surrounding beef farms are moving towards permaculture, sustainability, and ecotourism.

It is also a popular surfing[3] destination.