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Patricia Alvarado Nuñez
Born Panamá  City, República de Panamá
Education Emerson College
Occupation Television producer, writer and photographer
Years active 1988–present
Notable credit(s) PBS, PBS Kids, American Experience, WGBH-TV, Univision
Spouse(s) Alan Catello Grazioso

Patricia Alvarado Nuñez is an award winning American television producer, director, and published photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She has created, produced, co-produced, executive produced, written and directed television documentaries, music specials and series on social and cultural issues including the American Experience PBS primetime documentary Fidel in 2004,[1] an episode of PBS Kids' Postcards from Buster[2] which was nominated for a 2008 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children Series.[3] She later served as the Creator and Series Producer of the WGBH series "Neighborhood Kitchens" which won an Emmy Award in 2014.[4] Patricia is currently Executive Producer of "Sing That Thing," a new choir competition television series currently in its third season of production by broadcaster WGBH.[5]


Alvarado Nuñez is the daughter of the executive director of the Panamanian non-profit organization Fundacion Pro Integracion and a late lead computer programmer for the National Bank of Panama.[6] She attended the University of Panama School of Communication where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree, and Emerson College in Boston where she received a master's degree in marketing communications and advertising.[7] In 1999, she married independent filmmaker and Emmy Award nominated television producer Alan Catello Grazioso who's the owner and executive producer of Grazioso Pictures, Inc., an award-winning media content production company in Boston.[8] In November 2012, Alvarado Nuñez debuted her blog series on with an article entitled "Five Gluten-Free Recipes from Around the World.[9] She was series producer of one of the United States longest-running Latino public television series La Plaza at WGBH-TV which continuously broadcast for 34 years.[10] At the invite of the World Bank, Alvarado Nuñez represented the United States public broadcasting industry as a panelist at the 4th International Public Media Forum "Sustainability, Inclusion and the New Latin American Reality" in Brasilia, Brazil.[11]and the 6th International Public Media Forum in Bogotá, Colombia. Patricia won her 5th Emmy Award on June 7, 2014 for "Outstanding Informational/Instructional Series" for her work on "Neighborhood Kitchens."[12]

Television work[edit]

In 2004, Alvarado Nuñez co-produced "Fidel," a two-hour documentary about the life of Fidel Castro.[1] In 2001, Alvarado Nuñez's documentary Getting to Fenway aired on WGBH-TV and won Best Sports Special at the New England Emmy Awards.[7] Alvarado Nuñez produced the public television series María Hinojosa: One-on-One, a five-year running studio-based program hosted by Maria Hinojosa and distributed nationally by American Public Television, won Best National Informational Program at the Imagen Awards in Los Angeles.[13][14]

Alvarado Nuñez has produced interviews with notable celebrities including Queen Noor of Jordan,[15] entertainers Tony Plana,[16] Phylicia Rashād,[17] Jimmy Smits,[18] Cheech Marin[19] of Cheech & Chong, novelist Junot Diaz,[20] Sapphire[21] author of the book Push (novel), Grammy award winning musicians Chucho Valdés,[22] Danilo Pérez[23] and Paquito D'Rivera,[24] journalist Alfredo Corchado,[25] Jorge Ramos (news anchor),[26] and María Elena Salinas,[27] sports legends such as Bill Lee (left-handed pitcher) and Luis Tiant,[7] and others.

Photography work[edit]

Alvarado Nuñez's photography work has been featured in print and on-line on WGBH and PBS related websites including the website MyType2,[28] Neighborhood Kitchens online,[29] WGBH High School Quiz Show online[30] (seasons 1 & 2), WGBH Digital Mural.[31] Her photography featured on was taken in Peru, Rwanda and Kenya.[32] Alvarado Nuñez photography work was published twice as the front cover of the September 2013 and May 2015 editions of WGBH Explore! Member Magazine[33] and in The Boston Globe article by Glenn Yoder in the June 19, 2012 online and print editions.[34]

Awards and Nominations[edit]

  1. (Won) New England Emmy Award, 2014 - Neighborhood Kitchens - WGBH - Boston][35]
  2. (Won) Imagen Award, 2011 - Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One (WGBH-Boston)][36]
  3. (Nominated) Daytime Emmy Award, 2008 - Postcards from Buster - PBS Kids[37]
  4. (Won) Parents' Choice Award, 2008 - Postcards from Buster - PBS Kids[38]

Selected filmography[edit]

Executive Producer[edit]

  • 2016, 2015, 2014: Sing That Thing (Season One - produced six episodes, Season Two - produced eight episodes, Season Three - currently in pre-production)

Senior News Producer[edit]

Series Producer[edit]

  • 2013: Neighborhood Kitchens (WGBH season two - produced 13 half-hour episodes - completed)[29]
  • 2011-2012: Neighborhood Kitchens (WGBH season one - produced 12 half-hour episodes - completed)[49]
  • 2011-2006: María Hinojosa: One-on-One (WGBH, APT - 5 seasons - produced 85 half-hour episodes)[13]



  • 2005: Fidel Castro - (2 hour PBS special - domestically aired on American Experience (PBS) and internationally on the National Geographic Channel)"[1][50]


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