Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie

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Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie
Партидул Патриотик
дин Приднестровье
Leader Oleg Smirnov
Founded 4 August 2006
Headquarters Tiraspol, Transnistria
Ideology Transnistrian nationalism
Colours Blue, White
Party flag
Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie flag.gif

Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie (Moldovan: Партидул Патриотик дин Приднестровье, Partidul Patriotic din Pridnestrovie, Russian: Патриотическая Партия Приднестровья Ukrainian: Патріотична Партія Придністров'я) was a political party in Transnistria. It was formed on 4 August 2006 by joining three civil society organizations, the Union of Defenders of Pridnestrovie, the Union of Afghan War Veterans and the Women's League of Pridnestrovie. Its leader was Oleg Smirnov, the son of President Igor Smirnov. In 2010 Patriotic Party joined another pro-Smirnov political party - the Republican Party (created on base of Republic NGO) to form a Social-Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie. Vladimir Rylyakov, one of the leaders of the OSTK, became leader of the new party.

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