Fair Republic

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Fair Republic
Доар Република
Leader Yuriy Gervasyuk
Founded 3 July 2007
Headquarters Tiraspol, Transnistria
Ideology Democratic socialism,
Transnistrian nationalism
Colours Red, Green (Colours of the Flag of Transnistria)
Supreme Council
0 / 43

Fair Republic (Moldovan: Доар Република, Doar Republica, Russian: Справедли́вая Респýблика, Ukrainian: Справедлива Республіка) was formed on 3 July 2007 by three members of the Transnistrian parliament. The party claims to be a left-wing opposition party.

At the founding congress on 3 July 2007 the lawyer Yuriy Gervasyuk, member of the Transnistrian parliament was elected as chairman of the party. Galina Antyufeyeva, the chairperson of the parliamentary legislative committee and wife of security minister Vladimir Antyufeyev, also joined "Fair Pridnestrovie" as well as Valeri Ponomarenko. Ponomarenko is a newly elected member of the Transnistrian parliament, who stood as independent candidate against Igor Smirnov's daughter-in-law Marina Smirnova in a by-election in June 2007.

"The party is working very closely with the Russian party Fair Russia, which has assured us that it is ready to cooperate and support its Pridnestrovian colleagues," stated Yuriy Gervasyuk. The party intends to combine socialism with patriotism and is in favor of independence for Transnistria.

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