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Faustus of Byzantium (also Faustus the Byzantine, Armenian: Փավստոս Բուզանդ, P’avstos Buzand) was an Armenian historian of the 5th century. P'avstos' History exists in four "books", beginning with Book 3 ("Beginning") and ending with Book 6 ("Ending"), which appears to be due to the work of a later editor of the surviving manuscript. The History describes events from the military, socio-cultural and political life of fourth century Armenia. Pavstos describes in detail the reign of Arshak II and his son Papas (Pap), and portrays the Mamikonians as defends par excellence of Armenia. The identity of Pavstos and the referent of Buzand remain unsolved.


English translation[edit]

Robert Bedrosian (1981).[1]




  • P'awstos Buzand History of the Armenians (4th-5th century) [1]


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External links[edit]

  • Faustus Buzand Patmut'iwn Hayoc [History of Armenia], Yerevan University Press, 1987 (in Armenian)