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Shahamir Shahamirian was an 18th-century writer and philosopher, notable figure in the Armenian liberation movement and a wealthy Armenian merchant in Madras.[1] Shahamirian was born in New Julfa, Iran.[2] He then moved to India where he became an affluent merchant. In 1771, Shahamirian found the first Armenian printing press in Madras.[3] In 1772 Shahamirian published the first work of Armenian political philosophy.[4] He promoted the vision of a state, a revolutionary idea in the 18th century among Armenians.[5]

Armenian constitution[edit]

Shahamirs work was to pursue his views on an independent Armenian nation, which is scholarly regarded as the first ever draft constitution of an independent Armenia.

Every human being, whether Armenian or of some other race, whether man or woman, born in Armenia or brought there from another country, shall live in equality and shall be free in all their occupations. Nobody shall have the right to enslave another person and workers should be paid like in any other kind of job, as is laid down in Armenian legislation.[6]

Notable work[edit]

  • Գիրք անուանեալ Որոգայթ փարաց (Girk Anvanial Vorokait Parats) (Snare of Glory) - 1773[7] Over 2,000 published
  • Տետրակ որ կոչի Նշաւակ (Tetrak vor Kochi Nshavak) (Booklet of Aim) - 1783[7]


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