Pebbles, Volume 15

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Pebbles, Volume 15
Compilation album
Released 1984
Recorded Mid-1960s
Genre Garage rock, Nederpop, beat
Label AIP
Pebbles, Volume 14 Pebbles, Volume 15 Pebbles, Volume 16

Pebbles, Volume 15 is a compilation album among the LP's in the Pebbles series. It is the first of 10 albums in the sub-series The Continent Lashes Back and is sub-titled The Netherlands 1965-1968. Pebbles, Volume 23 and Pebbles, Volume 25 also feature music by Dutch bands. (There is apparently no intention to distinguish between The Netherlands and Holland in the subtitle of this album — technically, North Holland and South Holland are 2 of the 12 provinces in The Netherlands — although the other two albums in the series reference "Holland" instead.)

Release data[edit]

This album was released by AIP Records (as #AIP-10018) in 1984 and was kept in print for many years.

Nature of the music[edit]

The Dutch music scene in the 1960s and 1970s was among the most fertile in the world and is often referred to as Nederpop, a play on the name of the country in the Dutch language, Nederland. Two 1970's hit songs by Dutch bands, "Venus" by Shocking Blue and "Radar Love" by Golden Earring have immense popularity to the present day. In the 1960s, most Nederpop bands were more heavily influenced by the British Invasion than was the case even with American bands, and these bands had less success in America. Most of the Dutch bands of this period had English-language songs or played only instrumentals; bands that performed exclusively in the Dutch language are represented in the Biet Het series.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

Although many of the bands are well known to Nederpop fans – such as The Outsiders, The Motions and Q65 – the tracks are typically rare. Despite the similar names, Cuby & the Blizzards and Peter & the Blizzards are completely different bands. Robbie van Leeuwen was one of the members of The Motions and would later found Shocking Blue.

The track by the Skope has the identical Italian melody that was used for the first top 10 hit in 1967 by the American band the Grass Roots, "Let's Live for Today". Although both songs have the same "One, Two, Three, Four" and "Sha-La-La-La-La" lines in the chorus, the lyrics are otherwise different. This version of "Be Mine Again" was released the year before, in 1966.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1:

  1. Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group: "When People Talk" – Rel. 1966
  2. The Outsiders: "You Mistreat Me"
  3. The Motions: "Everything (that's Mine)" – Rel. 1966
  4. Q65: "It Came to Me" – Rel. 1967
  5. The Jay/Jays: "Cruncher" – Rel. 1966
  6. The Dream: "The Doting King" – Rel. 1968
  7. Dragonfly: "Celestial Empire" – Rel. 1968
  8. Group 1850: "Misty Night" – Rel. 1966

Side 2:

  1. Les Baroques: "Summerbeach" – Rel. 1966
  2. Cuby & the Blizzards: "Stumble and Fall" – Rel. 1965
  3. The Phantoms: "I'll Go Crazy" – Rel. 1966
  4. Peter & the Blizzards: "Sittin' in My Room" – Rel. 1966
  5. Mack: "All My Hope Is Gone" – Rel. 1966
  6. The Bintangs: "I’m a Man" (Elias B. McDaniel) – Rel. 1965
  7. The Skope: "Be Mine Again"
  8. Johnny Kendall, & the Heralds: "St. James Infirmary" – Rel. 1964