Pebbles, Volume 16

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Pebbles, Volume 16
Compilation album
Released 1985
Recorded Mid-1960s
Genre Garage rock, psychedelic rock
Label AIP
Pebbles, Volume 15
(1984)Pebbles, Volume 151984
Pebbles, Volume 16
Pebbles, Volume 17
(1985)Pebbles, Volume 171985

Pebbles, Volume 16 is a compilation album among the LP's in the Pebbles series.

Release data[edit]

This album was released by AIP Records (as #AIP-10023) in 1985 and was kept in print for many years.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

The Mood is no relation to the early-1980s British band of the same name. The album includes one of hundreds of covers of the eternal "Louie Louie".

Track listing[edit]

Side 1:

  1. The Acoustics: "My Rights" (Allen White)
  2. Bobby Brelyn: "Hanna" (Bobby Konecnik)
  3. The Graveyard Five: "The Marble Orchard" (The Graveyard Five)
  4. The Graveyard Five: "Untitled" (The Graveyard Five)
  5. Just Luv: "Valley of Hate" (Just Luv)
  6. Jimmy Curtiss: "Psychedelic Situation" (Jimmy Curtiss)
  7. Ron Wray Light Show: "Speed" (Headstone/R. Gersbacher/D. Bombard)

Side 2:

  1. The Streys: "She Cools My Mind" (The Streys)
  2. The Sands of Time: "Red Light" (The Sands of Time)
  3. The Mood: "Amber Fields" (The Mood)
  4. Steve Peele Five: "Frankie's Got It!" (Steve Peele)
  5. Those Boys: "No Good Girl" (Those Boys)
  6. Scurvy Knaves: "It's Not Like That" (Scurvy Knaves)
  7. Duplex: "Louie, Louie" (Richard Berry)