Pebbles, Volume 22

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Pebbles, Volume 22
Compilation album
GenreGarage rock, psychedelic rock
Pebbles, Volume 21
Pebbles, Volume 22
Pebbles, Volume 23

Pebbles, Volume 22 is a compilation album among the LPs in the Pebbles series.

Release data[edit]

This album was released in 1987 as an LP by AIP Records (as #AIP-10037) and was kept in print for many years. This is the last of the conventional Pebbles LPs; the remaining volumes in the series are in the sub-series The Continent Lashes Back.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

Even this deep into the Pebbles series, gems keep surfacing, including covers of an old Frankie Lymon song and "Hey Joe". "That Creature" has almost the same level of tastelessness as the infamous "Spazz" (on Pebbles, Volume 1); the lyrics frantically rage on about some poor guy's ugly girlfriend, with the vocalist being unsure as to whether she comes from the zoo or from outer space (with UFO sounds punctuating the latter impression). There are two nice psychedelic rock songs included; the opening track has some inventive and jarring musicianship, while "My Soap Won't Float" is a weird number in the vein of "Horror Asparagus Stories" (from Pebbles, Volume 3).

Track listing[edit]

Side 1:

  1. The Inmates: "More Than I Have" (The Inmates)
  2. Euphoria's Id: "Hey Joe" (B. Roberts)
  3. The Sweet Acids: "That Creature"
  4. The Dominoes: "A Matter of Fact"
  5. Danny's Reasons: "Triangles" (D. Stevens /F. Marino/L. Dahlin) – Rel. 1967
  6. The Regiment: "My Soap Won't Float" (R. Simpson)
  7. Weird Street Carnival: "The Inner Truth" (Thorn)

Side 2:

  1. The Rob Roys: "Do You Girl?" (R. Roy)
  2. Ronnie Rice: "I Want You to Be My Girl" (George Goldner, Richard Barrett) – Rel. 1965
  3. The Final Solution: "So Long Goodbye" (The Final Solution)
  4. The Prophets: "Yes I Know" (T. Kubazek/R. Watson)
  5. The Jaybees: "I'm a Loner" (F. Hill/Allen Nicholls) – Rel. 1966
  6. The Huntsmen: "Say What I Mean" (Hunt)