Pebbles, Volume 26

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Pebbles, Volume 26
Compilation album
Released 1988±
Recorded Mid-1960s
Genre Garage rock, beat
Label AIP
Pebbles, Volume 25 Pebbles, Volume 26 Pebbles, Volume 27

Pebbles, Volume 26 is a compilation album in the Pebbles series. It is one of the ten albums in the sub-series The Continent Lashes Back and is sub-titled Sweden, Part 2. Pebbles, Volume 20 and Pebbles, Volume 28 also have music by Swedish bands.

Release data[edit]

This album was released circa 1988 as an LP by AIP Records (as #AIP-10044) and was kept in print for many years.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1:

  1. The Stringtones: "Ode to Rhythm & Blues"
  2. Sooner or Later: "This Hammer"
  3. Sooner or Later: "Night Time"
  4. The Merrymen: "Walking down Lonesome Road"
  5. The Melvins: "The Man Down There"
  6. Manufacture: "All Your Love" – Rel. 1965
  7. Manufacture: "Teenage Love" – Rel. 1965
  8. The Trappers: "Too Much Monkey Business" – Rel. 1965

Side 2:

  1. The Moonlighters: "I Can't Stand It" – Rel. 1965
  2. The T-Boones: "I Want You" – Rel. 1967
  3. The Outsiders: "Inside of Me" – Rel. 1967
  4. The Outsiders: "From Four until Late" – Rel. 1967
  5. Steampacket: "I Don't Care"
  6. The Shakers: "Tracks Remain"
  7. The Fabulous Four: "438 S. Michigan Ave."