Pedro de Valdivia Bridge

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Pedro de Valdivia Bridge
View of Pedro de Valdivia Bridge from Isla Teja during night.
Coordinates 39°48′41″S 73°14′56″W / 39.8115°S 73.249°W / -39.8115; -73.249Coordinates: 39°48′41″S 73°14′56″W / 39.8115°S 73.249°W / -39.8115; -73.249
Crosses Valdivia River
Locale Valdivia, Chile and Isla Teja
Official name Puente Pedro de Valdivia
Maintained by Valdivia municipality [1]
Design Arch
Opened 1954

Pedro de Valdivia Bridge is an arch bridge spanning Valdivia River, that separates downtown Valdivia from Isla Teja island a residential area. Together with Río Cruces Bridge (built in 1987) it allows connection from Valdivia to the coastal town Niebla.

Pedro de Valdivia Bridge is named in honour of the founder of Valdivia the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. It was opened in 1954 and survived the Great Chilean earthquake, the greatest earthquake ever recorded,[1] while nearby buildings collapsed. After the earthquake it survived the effects of the Riñihuazo, a flooding caused by the earthquake.