People's Khural of Kalmykia

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People's Khural of Kalmykia (or short People's Khural) is the Parliament of Republic of Kalmykia in the Russian Federation. The People's Khural was established on the base of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993. But the assembly is also formed along Mongolian traditions of the State Great Khural. The legislative period lasts normally five years.[1]

On October 18, 1994 the first People's Khural was elected. But new legislatures were elected in 1999, 2005 and 2008. The fourth legislature which was constituted in 2008 consists of 27 deputies, i.e. 17 deputies of United Russia, 7 of the Communist Party and 3 of the Agrarian Party of Russia. The legislature ends in 2013, when new regional parliamentary elections will be held.[2] The current President of the People's Khural is Anatoly Kozachko of the "United Russia"-Party.[3]


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