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Peter Clines
Clines at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest
Clines at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest
Born31 May 1969
OccupationWriter, novelist
GenresScience fiction, horror, speculative fiction, suspense
Notable works
  • Ex-Heroes[1]
  • The Fold
  • 14

Peter Clines (31 May 1969), born in Cape Neddick, Maine is an American author and novelist best known for his zombies-vs-superheroes series, Ex-Heroes, and Lovecraftian inspired Threshold novels 14 and The Fold. His short stories can be found in a variety of anthologies, including X-Files: Trust No One, edited by Jonathan Maberry. Before becoming a full-time writer, Clines worked as a props master in the film industry for 15 years.

Early life[edit]

Clines was raised in Cape Neddick, Maine,[2] where his love of storytelling was apparent from a very young age. While in third grade, he used his handwriting practice paper to pen his first story, Lizard Men From the Center of the Earth.[3] Clines continued telling stories as a kid, sometimes using Micronauts and Star Wars figurines to create scenes,[4] and other times in writing. As a self-professed "comic geek",[5] Clines created hero characters all through grade school.[5] He submitted various comic book scripts to Marvel Comics. At age 11, he received his first professional rejection letter from Jim Shooter, the then editor-in-chief at Marvel.[3] Clines describers it as "a very personal, very polite and professional" rejection letter.[3] Being taken seriously as a young writer, first by Shooter and then by Marvel's Tom DeFalco, who also sent an encouraging and helpful rejection letter a few years later, encouraged Clines to continue working on his craft.[3]

Clines graduated from University of Massachusetts, Ahmerst in 1991[2] with a degree in English Literature. As a student, he worked as a local roadie crew for traveling bands.[3]

After a 16-month stint selling men's suits, he moved to San Diego and began working as a props master. He worked, among others, on Chairman of the Board (1998), Psycho Beach Party (2000), and Veronica Mars (2004).[citation needed]


While Clines worked as a props master, his writing turned from prose to focus on scripts.[4] In 2006, after the end of a film project, he dedicated himself to writing full-time. He worked for Creative Screenwriting Magazine, writing interviews, reviews, and articles.[6] While at Creative Screenwriter, Clines interviewed, among others, George Romero, Frank Darabont, Seth Rogen, Diablo Cody, Sylvester Stallone, and the late Nora Ephron.[4]

Clines made his first fiction sale, The Hatbox, to online journal The Harrow.[7] He continued to sell zombie and Lovecraftian short stories to anthologies before he began writing his first published novel, Ex-Heroes, in 2008.[6]


Threshold[8] series[edit]

Title Type Pages Publisher Date ISBN
14 Paperback 469 pages Permuted Press July 15, 2014 ISBN 1618684981
The Fold: A Novel Hardcover 384 pages Crown June 2, 2015 ISBN 0553418297

Ex-Heroes series[edit]

Number Title Type Pages Publisher Date ISBN
1 Ex-Heroes Paperback 336 pages Broadway Books February 26, 2013 ISBN 0804136572
2 Ex-Patriots Paperback 432 pages Broadway Books April 23, 2013 ISBN 0804136599
3 Ex-Communication Paperback 352 pages Broadway Books July 9, 2013 ISBN 0385346824
4 Ex-Purgatory Paperback 352 pages Broadway Books January 14, 2014 ISBN 0804136610
5 Ex-Isle Paperback 400 pages Broadway Books February 2, 2016 ISBN 0553418319

Standalone novels[edit]

Title Type Pages Publisher Date ISBN
The Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe Paperback 272 pages Permuted Press March 8, 2016 ISBN 161868633X
The Junkie Quatrain Kindle 108 pages Permuted Press January 13, 2013 ASIN B006XJW1AE
Paradox Bound Hardcover 336 pages Crown September 26, 2017 ISBN 0553418335


Title Type Pages Publisher Pub Date ISBN
Bless Your Mechanical Heart Paperback 278 pages Evil Girlfriend Media March 17, 2014 ISBN 1940154057
Corrupts Absolutely?: Dark Metahuman Fiction Paperback 360 pages Ragnarok Publications February 23, 2015 ISBN 1941987427
Cthulhu Unbound, Vol. 2 Paperback 276 pages Permuted Press July 31, 2009 ISBN 1934861146
Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters Paperback 550 pages Ragnarok Publications July 1, 2014 ISBN 0991360567
Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Anthology Paperback 252 pages Evil Girlfriend Media October 30, 2015 ISBN 194015412X
The World Is Dead Paperback 288 pages Permuted Press September 15, 2009 ISBN 1934861251
Timelines: Stories Inspired by H.G. Wells' The Time Machine Paperback 286 pages Northern Frights Publishing September 1, 2010 ISBN 0973483733
Times of Trouble: A Time Travel Anthology Kindle Edition only 345 pages Permuted Press April 28, 2013 ASIN B00CKZRAH4
X-Files: Trust No One Paperback 360 pages IDW Publishing July 28, 2015 ISBN 1631402781


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