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Petras Raslanas (Russian: Пётр Раслан) (born March 25, 1914 in Riga, Russian Empire (currently Latvia))[1] is a Russian war criminal active during the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states, when he served in the NKVD. He was convicted of the crime of genocide in 2001.

Rainiai massacre[edit]

Raslanas, an ethnic Lithuanian who is now a Russian citizen,[2] joined the Komsomol in 1931 and the Communist Party of Lithuania in 1938 following which he was sentenced to five years' imprisonment by the Lithuanian government for revolutionary activity.[3] After the Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 1940 he became head of the NKVD in Telšiai and is claimed to be responsible for the Rainiai massacre.[4] He since had high positions in the Soviet Union, and was an official in the Soviet Ministry of Religious Affairs.[5]

In 2001 he was convicted of genocide by Šiauliai Area Court in Lithuania in absentia and sentenced to life imprisonment.[4] However, he still lives as a free man in Russia as Russian authorities have denied requests for extradition.[6]


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