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Petro is a masculine given name, a surname and an Ancient Roman cognomen. It may refer to:

Given name[edit]

  • Petro Balabuyev (1931-2007), Ukrainian airplane designer, engineer and professor, lead designer of many Antonov airplanes
  • Petro Doroshenko (1627–1698), Cossack political and military leader, Hetman of Right-bank Ukraine (1665–1672) and a Russian voyevoda (governor)
  • Petro Drevchenko (1863-1934), Ukrainian bandurist
  • Petro Dyachenko (1895-1965), Ukrainian military commander
  • Petro Dyminskyi (born 1954), Ukrainian politician, businessman and former footballer
  • Petro Franko (1890-1941), Ukrainian educator and author
  • Petro Georgiou (born 1947), Australian politician
  • Petro Goga, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of Albania in 1924
  • Petro Kalnyshevsky (1691?–1803), last Koshovyi Otaman of the Zaporozhian Host (in what is now Ukraine)
  • Petro Kharchenko (born 1983), Ukrainian former pair ice skater
  • Petro Kasui Kibe (1587–1639), Japanese Christian missionary, Jesuit priest and martyr
  • Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny (1570-1622), political and civic leader
  • Petro Kondratyuk (born 1979), Ukrainian former footballer
  • Petro Korol (1941–2015), Ukrainian weightlifter and 1976 Olympic champion
  • Petro Nini Luarasi (1864-1911), Albanian nationalist, Christian orthodox priest, teacher and journalist
  • Petro Herkulan Malchuk (1965-2016), Ukrainian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kyiv-Zhytomyr
  • Petro Marko (1913–1991), Albanian writer
  • Petro Mirchuk (1913–1999), Ukrainian writer
  • Petro Nishchynsky (1832–1896), Ukrainian linguist and composer
  • Petro Pakhnyuk (born 1991), Ukrainian (until 2014) and Azerbaijani (since 2014) artistic gymnast
  • Petro Pereverza (born 1994), Ukrainian footballer
  • Petro Poga (1850-1944), Albanian nationalist, one of the delegates at the Albanian Declaration of Independence
  • Petro Poroshenko (born 1965), Ukrainian businessman and politician
  • Petro Prokopovych (1775–1850), the founder of commercial beekeeping
  • Petro Shelest (1908–1996), First Secretary of the Communist party in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  • Petro Slobodyan (born 1953), Soviet retired footballer and current Ukrainian coach
  • Petro Symonenko (born 1952), Ukrainian politician and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine
  • Petro Tkachenko (1878-1919), Ukrainian blind kobzar (musician)
  • Petro Trad (1876-1947), Lebanese lawyer, politician and briefly President of the French Mandate of Lebanon in 1943
  • Petro Trochanowski (born 1947), Polish poet
  • Petro Vlahos (1916-2013), Hollywood special effects pioneer
  • Petro Voinovsky (1913—1996), Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator
  • Petro Zakhvalynsky (died 1943), Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator


  • Gustavo Petro (born 1960), Colombian politician and economist
  • Jim Petro (born 1948), American politician and former Ohio Attorney General
  • Johan Petro (born 1986), French professional basketball player
  • Joe Petro III (born 1956), American artist
  • Joseph Petro (born 1944), former United States Secret Service agent, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Citigroup Security and Investigative Services
  • Pamela Petro, American artist
  • John Petro, Movie Writer:The Cold Light of Day
  • Steve Petro (1914-1994), American National Football League player


  • Titus Flavius Petro (fl. 1st century BC), paternal grandfather of the Roman Emperor Vespasian ksmk