Petrova Fossil

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Petrova Fossil
Occupation pilot
Relatives Pauline (sister by adoption)
Posy (sister by adoption)
Sylvia Brown (parent by adoption)
Boris (birth father, last name unknown)
Unknown birth mother
Nationality Russian

Petrova Fossil is a character in the book Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild, and two films based on that book.

Petrova's story[edit]

Petrova, the middle Fossil sister, was adopted by Gum (Great Uncle Matthew) from a Russian couple who died in hospital shortly after her birth. Petrova was a hardworking, honest and caring tomboy who was interested only in engines, airplanes and cars. Unlike the other Fossil sisters who were interested in arts, she dreamed of becoming a pilot. In the novel, Petrova was described as a technically proficient dancer and singer and was perfectly able to land roles in her auditions, however she had little real affinity for the arts. She played Mytyl in a charity production of Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird and Mustard-Seed in "A Midsummer Night Dream". She was also a page in "Richard III" and was in a dance troupe of jumping beans in a pantomime production in the London suburbs.

At the end of Ballet Shoes she was going to live with Gum following her dreams to be a pilot. The subsequent novels Theater Shoes and Movie Shoes mentioned that Petrova had nothing to do with the arts again. In her short story What Happened to Pauline, Petrova, and Posy, Streatfeild said that she was sure that Petrova's name would never end up in the history books.

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