Peugeot Type 181

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Peugeot Type 181
Peugeot Type 181 Torpedo.JPG
Manufacturer Peugeot
Production 1925-1928
Body and chassis
Class Small family car
Layout FR layout
Wheelbase 2795 mm standard
2865 mm “B” ("longue") model
Predecessor Peugeot Type 173
Successor Peugeot 301

The Peugeot Type 181, also known at the time and normally advertised simply according to its fiscal horse power as the Peugeot 11HP,[1] was a mid-range car produced between 1925 and 1928 by the French auto-maker Peugeot at their Audincourt plant.

The Type 181 was first presented in October 1924 at the 19th Paris Motor Show as a new model for 1925.[1] Nearly 10,000 Type 181s were produced including, in 1928, Peugeot ‘s 100,000th automobile.

The car was closely related to the Peugeot Type 177, but came with a larger 1,615 cc side-valve four-cylinder engine,[1] driving the rear wheels and delivering a claimed 40 hp.

The standard 181 model featured a 2795 mm wheelbase, while the slightly longer 181 B had a 2865 mm wheelbase. The cars’ overall lengths were respectively 4000 mm and 4070 mm, with a track of 1260 mm.

Various bodies were available including a “Torpedo”, an “all-weather cabriolet” and a “Coupé limousine” offering space for five people.

Type 181 production continued until 1928, by when 9,259 had been produced.

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