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A compact executive car is a premium car larger than a premium compact and smaller than an executive car. Compact executive cars are equivalent size to mid-size cars (called "large family cars" in the United Kingdom) and are part of the D-segment in the European car classification.

In North American terms, close equivalents are "luxury compact"[1][2][3][4] and "entry-level luxury car",[5][6][7] although the latter is also used for the smaller premium compact cars.[8][9]

United States[edit]

Cadillac Cimarron (1982-1988)

By the late 1970s, the energy crisis and inflation created an increased demand for smaller luxury cars, which were usually called "luxury compacts".[10] In 1978, the AMC Concord luxury compact was introduced.[11][12] Standard equipment included crushed velour upholstery, additional sound insulation and coatings, one-piece molded fiberglass headliner, and luxurious appointments such as super-thick carpeting on the floor, outer seat bottoms, and lower door bottoms.[13][14][15]

The Mercury Zephyr, a luxury compact based on the Ford Fairlane, was introduced in 1978.[16]

In 1982, the Cadillac Cimarron was introduced and the Chrysler LeBaron moved upmarket into the luxury compact category.[citation needed] The Cadillac Cimarron was based on the GM J platform.[17] The car was "developed in response to Cadillac dealers who were hit hard by the turnaround toward small cars in the latent fuel crunch."[18] By the mid 1980s, expensive-car buyers were looking for features such as "engine power and smoothness, nimble handling, and interior comfort and quiet" thus forcing the "prestige auto makers must sell product quality, not size."[19] The Cimarron helped to boost the automaker's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), but its badge engineering of a front-drive, high-volume model was evaluated as a low-value proposition in contrast to traditional Cadillac luxury.[20][dead link]

In the early 2010s, automakers again responded to changes in the marketplace and in the "mind-set" of consumers looking for status on a budget.[21] Traditional "luxury car makers are gearing up to offer small models that will test whether affluent U.S. car buyers are ready to concede that bigger isn't always better."[22] Facing higher fuel costs and traffic, changes are sweeping through the luxury car market and "Americans are beginning to catch up with global trends."[23] Part of this trend is a higher penetration by foreign brands in the US marketplace with examples such as the C-Class series of compact executive cars that became Mercedes-Benz's top-selling North American product line since 2000.[24]

United Kingdom[edit]

1973 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

The 1971 Triumph Dolomite is an early compact executive car.[25][26]

Jaguar's first compact executive car (although larger than the 1960s' Jaguar Mark 2) was the 2001 Jaguar X-Type.[27] Sales, however, were disappointing.[28] The X-type was replaced by the Jaguar XE in 2014, competing in the same sector.[27]


Alfa Romeo Giulia (1962-1978)

Alfa Romeo has long built sporty saloons and compact executives. The 75[29] and 155[30] and after that the 1996 Alfa Romeo 156 has been considered such.[31][32] This was followed by the Alfa Romeo 159 in 2004, which was built until 2011. After five years, Alfa Romeo returned to the sector in 2016 with the Giulia (Type 952).[31]

An early compact executive car from Lancia is the 1972 Lancia Beta (Type 828). The Beta morphed into the Lancia Trevi, which was produced from 1980-1984. Following an absence from the segment for five years, Lancia returned in 1989 when the Lancia Dedra replaced the smaller Lancia Prisma. The Dedra was replaced by the Lancia Lybra, which was produced from 1998-2005.[33]


1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E

Audi's first compact executive car is the Audi F103 (sold as the Audi 60-90 range), which was launched in 1965.[34]

The BMW 02 Series[citation needed] was replaced in 1975 by the BMW 3 Series,[citation needed] which has been produced in saloon/sedan, coupé, convertible, estate/wagon and hatchback body styles. Since 2013, the coupé and convertible models have been marketed as the BMW 4 Series.[35][36] There have been seven generations of the 3 Series; it is the best-selling BMW in the company's history.[37]

The 1983 Mercedes-Benz W201 range (also known as the "Mercedes-Benz 190") was the first compact executive car from Mercedes-Benz[38][39] introduced 23 years after the company produced its first prototype compact executive car.[40] In 1993, the W201 was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class range.[41][42][43]The C-Class is currently in its fourth generation and has been produced in saloon/sedan, estate/wagon, coupé, convertible and hatchback body styles.[44]


Citroën offers a compact executive with its DS 5 hatchback.[45]


2018 Volvo S60

Volvo launched the S60[46][47][48][49][50] in 2000 and it is now in its third generation.[46][49][51][52][53][54] It was joined in 2010[55] by an estate version called V60,[56][57] now in its second generation.[57][58][59][60]


2015 Lexus IS

Compact executive cars produced in Japan include the 1988 Mazda Persona / Eunos 300 and 1990 Nissan Presea.[citation needed] The first Japanese compact executive car to be successful in overseas markets is the 1998 Lexus IS / Toyota Altezza.[citation needed]

Other Japanese compact executive cars include the Infiniti Q50 (by Nissan),[61] Acura TLX (by Honda)[62][63][64] and Mazda Xedos 6.[65]

South Korea[edit]

Compact executive cars produced in South Korea include the 2017 Genesis G70 and Kia Stinger.[citation needed]

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