Peugeot Type 56

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Peugeot Type 56
Peugeot Type 56 04.jpg
Manufacturer S. A. des Automobiles Peugeot
Production 1903
16 produced
Body and chassis
Body style Tonneau
Layout FR layout
Engine 833 cc single-cylinder
Wheelbase 1.75 metres (69 in)
Length 2.80 metres (110 in)
Predecessor Peugeot Type 25
Successor Peugeot Type 58

The Peugeot Type 56 was a model from Peugeot for 1903. It had a 0.8 L single-cylinder engine and had two rows of seats and an open top. A total of 16 were built.

In 1904, after the model had been replaced, a Peugeot Type 56 gained official recognition for exceptional fuel economy when one of the cars traveled 100 kilometers using only 5.3 litres of fuel. Recognition was awarded in the form of a gold medal called "la médaille d'or de la locomotion".