Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof

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Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof
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Through station
Hauptbahnhof Pforzheim.JPG
Location Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates 48°53′37″N 8°42′11″E / 48.89361°N 8.70306°E / 48.89361; 8.70306Coordinates: 48°53′37″N 8°42′11″E / 48.89361°N 8.70306°E / 48.89361; 8.70306
Platforms 7
Architect Helmuth Conradi
Other information
Station code 4922[1]
DS100 code TPH[2]
IBNR 8000299
Category 2[1]
Opened 4 July 1861
Passengers ca. 50,000 daily

Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof is the main station in the city of Pforzheim in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.


The first Pforzheim station was opened on the 3 July 1861 on the route Karlsruhe-Mühlacker from the Grand Duchy of Baden State Railway. With the opening of the Enztalbahn to Wildbad (June 11, 1868) and the Nagold Valley Railway to Horb (June 1, 1874) Pforzheim developed to a port station with considerable traffic. Both routes were operated by the Royal Württemberg State Railways, they received their own platform tracks to the west of the station. The station building was built in 1861 in the Neoclassic style. It was destroyed on 23. February 1945 through the Bombing of Pforzheim in World War II.[3]

1958 new building[edit]

The new station building was opened in June 1958. The architect was Helmuth Conradi (1903-1973), who already had designed the reception building of the Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof, opened in 1955. Since 1989 the station is a cultural heritage monument.

Hall Pforzheim Main station

Rail services[edit]

The station is served by several lines operated at regular intervals, including an Interregio-Express/ Regional-Express line, a Regionalbahn line and two Karlsruhe Stadtbahn lines. It is of minor importance for long-distance transport: only one InterCity service operates at two hourly intervals along with a pair of EuroNight services.

Long distance[edit]

In the early 1990s Pforzheim Hauptbahnhof lost its importance for long-distance traffic as a result of the construction of the Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed railway. High-speed trains now run between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart via Bruchsal.

Line Route Frequency
IC 61 (Basel) – KarlsruhePforzheimStuttgartNuremberg Every two hours

Regional and suburban railway traffic[edit]

Line Route Frequency
IRE 5 Stuttgart – Vaihingen (Enz)Mühlacker – Pforzheim – Karlsruhe Every two hours
RE 5 Stuttgart – Bietigheim-Bissingen – Vaihingen (Enz) – Mühlacker – Pforzheim – Karlsruhe Every two hours
RB 52 PforzheimCalwNagold (Stadt)Horb – (Tübingen); over the Nagold Valley Railway Pforzheim – Nagold: every 30 mins
Nagold – Horb: hourly
Horb – Tübingen: two-hourly
S 5 Wörth – Knielingen – Karlsruhe Marktplatz – Durlach – Pforzheim – Mühlacker – Vaihingen (Enz) – Bietigheim-Bissingen Every 30 mins with additional trains in the peak
S 6  PforzheimNeuenbürgBad Wildbad; over the Enz Valley Railway Every 30 mins

Renovation of station[edit]

On 27 February 2009, the basic renovation of the station was approved. This includes the raising of platforms from 38 to 55 cm and the installation of lifts. The renovation of the station building is included in this package. Specifically, €1.8 million euro is provided for the barrier-free access (2 lifts and a ramp), €4 million for the raising of the platforms and €700,000 for the renovation of the building. The renovation began at the end of 2010.[4]


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