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Video game development studio
HeadquartersSouth Korea

Phantagram (Korean: 판타그램) is a video game development studio based in South Korea. It is mainly known for its popular game series Kingdom Under Fire. Phantagram also co-developed the fantasy/strategy action game Ninety-Nine Nights with Q Entertainment, for the Xbox 360. It also published Phantom Crash for the Xbox, which was developed by Genki.


Phantagram was founded 1994 by a group of teenagers. Having been students, they have been developing video games since 1997, mostly for the popular MSX computer, such as Double Dragon and TDS. In the mid-90's, the company became the first-generation developers in Korea.

Under their new slogan in 2000, Phantagram released their first game, Kingdom Under Fire: War of Heroes. It became a success worldwide, including in Korea. A series was later created.

Phantagram is rumored to be making Total Annihilation 2, the sequel to Cavedog's 1997 RTS, Total Annihilation. It is speculated by some that the game will never be released, or was never in production, as many game websites have confirmed its release year, but they say anything from early 2004 to late 2011.

"Present and Future - Representing the most talented and dynamic gaming industry in the world, Phantagram aims to lead Korea into a brighter future."

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