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Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism, And Secularism Incorporated
FounderJohn Paraiso
  • One Libertad Place, DM Guevarra Street Mandaluyong City 1554, Philippines[1]
MethodEducation, outreach, advocacy

The Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism, and Secularism Incorporated (PATAS) is a nonprofit organization for the public understanding of atheism and agnosticism in the Philippines.[2] It serves to educate society, and eliminate myths and misconceptions about atheism and agnosticism.[3] It speaks against discrimination of the non-religious, and for equal opportunities as Filipino citizens. PATAS encourages harmonious information exchange among its atheist and agnostic members, and encourages its members to come out and speak for their lack of religious beliefs. The society was founded in February 2011 by John Paraiso, who served as the first chairperson and president, respectively.

First Atheist and Agnostics Convention[edit]

On April 21, 2012 PATAS organized the First Atheists and Agnostics Convention in the Philippines. It was a one-day learning event and social gathering of Filipino nonbelievers.

The convention, with its theme: “Filipino non-belief—are you ready for this?”, also served as a venue for the public exposure for socially-involved and organized community of Filipino nonbelievers.

New Generation PATAS[edit]

It has changed its name from "Philippine Atheists and Agnostic Society" to "Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism, And Secularism" on June 20, 2017 under new SEC Registration and officers elected.[citation needed] The new Chairman elected was Richard De Guzman Dalida.[citation needed]

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