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Phlegeton performing in 2013
Phlegeton performing in 2013
Background information
Birth nameJose Luis Rey Sanchez
Born (1979-12-03) 3 December 1979 (age 44)
Madrid, Spain
  • Musician
  • songwriter
  • visual artist
  • producer
Years active1998–present

Jose Luis "J.L." Rey Sanchez (born 1979), better known by his stage name Phlegeton, is a Spanish death metal musician, audio producer, and visual artist based in Madrid. He is best known as the vocalist for the technical brutal death metal band Wormed, which was founded in 1998 and he has been a member of since.

Over the years, Phlegeton created various bands and musical projects. He is best known for his work as vocalist in the band Wormed,[1] and for his artistic work on album covers, especially death metal albums.

His pseudonym is based on the Greek mythology, the river Phlegethon (Φλεγέθων, English translation: "flaming"), one of the five rivers in the infernal regions of the underworld.[2]


Phlegeton has fronted a number of bands as a vocalist and drummer, including Wormed, Human Mincer, Wrong, Banished from Inferno, and Unsane Crisis. He has also been a member of Godüs, The YTriple Corporation, Garth Arum (live), Nüll, and Infernal. Overall, he has released 10 studio albums.

Phlegeton has a diverse vocal register, encompassing many extreme styles, from deep gutturals to clean and raspy high-pitched vocals.[3][citation needed]

He is known for his lyrics style in the band Wormed. He does not use the common gore aesthetics but rather tell stories of science fiction, quantum physics and space exploration.[4]


In 2005, Phlegeton launched his own design studio, Phlegeton Art Studio. He creates record covers for international death metal bands, centered around horror and science fiction genres.[5]

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