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Phoenix Ancient Art, located in Geneva, New York City and Brussels, is an antiquities dealer specializing in Greek and Roman ancient art.[1] Its works of art have been purchased by arts and antiquities private collectors as well as museums such as New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Phoenix Ancient Art was founded by the Lebanese Sleiman Aboutaam in 1968.[2] Incorporated since 1995, it is now a second-generation family business that continues today under the leadership of Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam.[3] [2]

Ali and Hicham Aboutaam.

Recent additions[edit]

In April 2009, Phoenix Ancient Art launched, an e-commerce platform for a wide range of artworks, also including jewelry, figurines, amulets, sculpture and pottery from regions as diverse as ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium, Egypt, the Near East and the Islamic world.[4] [5]

In early 2014, Phoenix Ancient Art opened a second gallery in Geneva called ‘Phoenix Ancient Art Young Collectors’, a unique gallery space that exhibits a large variety of objects from the 6th millennium B.C. through the 14th century A.D. [6] [7]

On June 12, 2019, Phoenix Ancient Art opened a new gallery in Brussels.[8]

Fairs and exhibitions[edit]

Phoenix Ancient Art participates in a number of international fairs, such as the Biennale des Antiquaires (Paris), the Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair BRAFA (Brussels), the International Fine Art and Antiques Show (New York City),[3] the PAD (London), the Point Art Fine Art Fair (Monaco), the Salon Art + Design (New York),[9]the Spring Masters Fair (New York),[10] and TEFAF (New York).[11] They also hold local themed events in their galleries several times a year accompanied by their gallery publications.

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