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P.N. van Eyck (1914)

Pieter Nicolaas/Nicolaus van Eyck or van Eijk (Breukelen, 1 October 1887 - Wassenaar, 28 April 1954) was a poet, critic, essayist and philosopher from the Netherlands.[1] Awarded the Constantijn Huygens Prize in 1947.


Van Eyck attended Gymnasium Haganum before studying law.[2]


He married on 28 April 1914 Nelly Estelle Benjamins (Suriname, 17 August 1891 - Wassenaar, South Holland, 1971), a woman of Jewish and Latin origin born and raised in Suriname.[3][4] They moved to Great Britain in 1919.

They were the parents of, at least:

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