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Constantijn Huygens Prize
(Dutch: Constantijn Huygensprijs)
Uitreiking van de Constantijn Huygensprijs door de Jan Cam Stichting en de burge, Bestanddeelnr 910-8953.jpg
Awarded forLiterature
Presented byJan Campert Foundation (Dutch: Jan Campert-Stichting)
First awarded1947
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The Constantijn Huygens Prize (Dutch: Constantijn Huygens-prijs) is a Dutch literary award.[1]


Since 1947, it has been awarded each year for an author's complete works by the Jan Campert Foundation (Dutch: Jan Campert-Stichting), a foundation named in honor of the Dutch writer Jan Campert who died while helping Jews during World War II. The award is named after Constantijn Huygens, a 17th-century Dutch poet, diplomat, scholar and composer.

As of 2019 it comes with a monetary award of €12,000.[2]

There was no prize awarded in 1968. In 1982, Jan Wolkers refused to accept the award.

List of laureates[edit]

Adriaan van Dis (Constantijn Huygens Prize 2015)


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