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Pignoise Pucela (España) 25 de marzo de 2007.jpg
Background information
Origin Madrid, Spain
Genres Rock
Pop rock
Pop punk
Years active 2002 - present
Labels Iuno Records
Warner Dro
Website Página oficial
Members Álvaro Benito
Héctor Polo
Pablo Alonso
Past members Jesús Mateos, Miguel Baleato

Pignoise is a Spanish rock band comprising three members: Álvaro on guitar and vocals, Polo on drums, and Pablo on bass.


After Álvaro, a former soccer player for teams such as Getafe CF and Real Madrid, suffered a serious injury, he began to play guitar and compose songs during his rehabilitation period. He finally quit football and created a band called PIG NOISE. The group later used many of the songs he composed while in rehabilitation. Later Polo, another former soccer player for Real Zaragoza and other teams, joined the group. The last to join was Pablo, a student who had come from Asturias to Madrid to study theater. Their popularity increased sharply after appearing in a very well known Spanish show, Los hombres de Paco.

During the elections in the Basque Autonomous Community the band supported [1] the conservative Spanish political party Partido Popular.

Musical style and influences[edit]

Pignoise is described as a pop punk band. Even though they have been seen wearing NOFX shirts in music videos, their light punk rock characteristics and their predominant pop music sound makes them clearly a pop punk band. They may also be considered pop rock. The band cites blink-182, Green Day or The Offspring as some of their main influences.


The group has released four discs. The first two were Melodías Desafinadas (Out-of-tune Melodies) and Esto No Es Un Disco de Punk (This Is Not a Punk Disc). Their third release is titled Anunciado en Televisión (Advertised on Television), which became a hit in Spain and whose first single, "Nada Que Perder" ("Nothing to Lose"), is the theme song of the television series Los Hombres de Paco. Their latest disc is entitled Cuestión de gustos (Matter of Taste).


Album Information
Melodías Desafinadas
  • Released: 2003 (SPA)
  • Peak Position: -
  • Spanish Sales: -
  • Label: Globomedia
  • Official Singles:
    • 2003: "Sin Identidad"
    • 2003: "Mundo Perdido"
Esto No Es Un Disco De Punk
  • Released: 2004 (SPA)
  • Peak Positions: No. 78
  • Spanish Sales: +7,000
  • Label: Globomedia
  • Official Singles:
    • 2004: "Diez Horas" — No. 35 (SPA)
Anunciado En Televisión
  • Released: April 10, 2006 (SPA)
  • Peak Positions: No. 3
  • Spanish Sales: +80,000
  • Label: Globomedia
  • Official Singles:
    • 2006: "Nada Que Perder" ("Los Hombre De Paco" Theme) — No. 15 (SPA)
    • 2007: "Te Entiendo" — No. 1 (SPA)
Cuestión De Gustos
  • Released: October 23, 2007 (SPA)
  • Peak Positions: No. 2
  • Spanish Sales: +40,000
  • Label: -
  • Official Singles:
    • 2007: "Sigo Llorando Por Tí" — No. 16 (SPA)
    • 2008: "Sin ti" - No. 21 (SPA)
    • 2008: "Pasar De Cuartos" - No. 8 (SPA)
  • Other Singles:
    • 2008: "Sube A Mi Cohete" - (Space Chimps: Misión Espacial OST)
    • 2008: "Carlitos" - (Carlitos y El Campo De Los Sueños OST)
Cuestión De Directo
  • Released: June 23, 2009 (SPA)
  • Peak Positions: TBA
  • Spanish Sales: TBA
  • Label: Globomedia
  • Official Singles:
    • 2009: "Estoy Enfermo" (Feat. Melendi) — TBA (SPA)


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