Pin-tailed green pigeon

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Pin-tailed green pigeon
Pin-tailed Green Pigeon Ghatgarh, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India 08.10.2014.jpg
Species Treron apicauda apicauda from Ghatgarh village of Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae
Genus: Treron
Species: T. apicauda
Binomial name
Treron apicauda
Blyth, 1846

The pin-tailed green pigeon (Treron apicauda) is a species of bird in the family Columbidae.


Its plumage is mostly yellowish green and it has pointed tail feathers.


Fruits and berries are its main food. It is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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