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Pinky refers to the little finger, the smallest finger on a normal human hand.

Pinky or pinkie can also refer to:


  • Pinky (nickname), a list
  • Pinky Lee (1907–1993), television personality born Pincus Leff, host of The Pinky Lee Show
  • La Pinky, the stage name of Dominican Republic children's entertainer Nuryn Sanlley

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

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Other uses[edit]

  • Pinky (candy), a confection marketed by Japanese company Frente
  • Pinky (dolphin), an albino dolphin spotted in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana
  • pinky, a lightweight version of the UNIX finger protocol
  • Pinky toe, a colloquial term for the smallest toe on the human foot
  • Pinky:St, or Pinky Street, collectible figures made by Japanese company Vance

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