Planet of Twilight

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Planet of Twilight
Planet of twilight.jpg
Author Barbara Hambly
Country United States
Language English
Series Callista Trilogy
Canon C
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Publication date
May 1, 1997
June 1, 1998
Media type Hardcover & Paperback
Pages Hardcover: 416
Paperback: 416
ISBN 978-0-553-57517-0
Preceded by Darksaber
Followed by Starfighters of Adumar

Planet of Twilight is a 1997 novel by Barbara Hambly, set in the Star Wars galaxy.


The story takes place on Nam Chorios, a backwater world in the Outer Rim which infamously was the center of the Death Seed Plague centuries ago. It is now home to a fanatic religious cult which is plotting to use a new weapon system of quasi-intelligent crystals as unstoppable, unmanned starfighters to attack the New Republic. Leia Organa Solo unofficially goes on a trip to meet with Seti Ashgad, the leader of the Rationalist Party.

Luke Skywalker is there after receiving a message from Callista, an old flame. Luke's ship is shot down and Leia is kidnapped by the ancient and corrupt Beldorion the Hutt.

After a series of adventures the two escape and end the political conspiracy between the Rationalists and the New Republic.