Play by Numbers

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Play by Numbers
EP by Boards of Canada
Released 1994
Length 26:21
Label Music70 AOMC43
Producer Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin
Boards of Canada chronology
Closes Vol. 1
(1992)Closes Vol. 11992
Play by Numbers
Hooper Bay
(1994)Hooper Bay1994

Play by Numbers is purportedly an EP produced and created by Boards of Canada. Pressed in very small quantities that were given to band members' friends and family, this EP has never been publicly released. The only publicly-available excerpt is a sample from the track "Wouldn't You Like To Be Free?" posted on a website hosting early material from the group. This sample has since been uploaded to YouTube.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Remmy Kid" – 0:58
  2. "Wouldn't You Like to Be Free?" – 5:40
  3. "Infinite Lines of Colourful Sevens" – 9:18
  4. "Numerator" – 4:37
  5. "Echelon" – 5:48

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