Play by Numbers

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Play by Numbers
EP by Boards of Canada
Released 1994
Recorded ?
Genre IDM, Shoegaze
Length 26:21
Label Music70 AOMC43
Producer Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin
Boards of Canada chronology
Closes Vol. 1
Play by Numbers
Hooper Bay

Play by Numbers is an EP produced and created by Boards of Canada. Most of Boards of Canada's early works were made in very small runs and Play by Numbers is no exception. Believed to have had a press run of around 100 copies, Play By Numbers is considered one of the hardest to find Boards of Canada releases.

A small excerpt of "Wouldn't You Like To Be Free" was hosted on a website that held a large amount of things related to Boards of Canada but has since gone down.[citation needed] The excerpt lasted in total about fifty-six seconds and curiously shows an unusual kind of shoegazing strummed guitar-driven melody similar to My Bloody Valentine. The sample can be found on YouTube.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Remmy Kid" – 0:58
  2. "Wouldn't You Like To Be Free?" – 5:40
  3. "Infinite Lines Of Colourful Sevens" – 9:18
  4. "Numerator" – 4:37
  5. "Echelon" – 5:48