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Plaza Vea
Parent company Supermercados Peruanos
Founded 2001
Founder Ahold
Genre Retail
Country of origin Peru, Flag of Peru.svg
Official website Plaza Vea

Plaza Vea is the largest chain of supermarkets and hypermarket from Supermercados Peruanos S.A, which is the second largest retail company in Peru. Plaza Vea is the Largest Hypermarket chain in Peru with 99 stores in the whole country.

About Plaza Vea[edit]

The stores of this chain has two concepts:

Hipermercados Plaza Vea[edit]

This one is the most important label of Plaza Vea and Supermercados Peruanos has big stores approx. more than 5000 square metres, the first one was opened at Jockey Plaza in Lima in 2001. The largest store of the label is in the city of Trujillo, the store has more than 10,000 square metres. Plaza vea has 20 stores and, with the opening of stores in Chiclayo, Arequipa and Huancayo after Trujillo, they continue with their expansion inside Peru and is scheduled the opening of 1 store more in Arequipa and another in Cusco.

Plaza Vea Super San Miguel

Plaza Vea Super[edit]

Is the supermarkets label of Plaza Vea, today they have 7 stores around Lima, but they are working in 1 stores more that will turn into Plaza Vea Super after turning the last Santa Isabel local into this supermarkets.


Future stores[edit]


Pucallpa: 1

Moquegua: 1

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