Plenty Valley Highway

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Plenty Valley Highway

General information
Length9 km (5.6 mi)
Route number(s)
  • State Route 27
  • (Metropolitan Ring Road - Albert Street / Plenty Road)
  •   Duplexes:
  •    State Route 48
  •   (Settlement Road - Grimshaw Street)
  • State Route 21
  • (Plenty Road - Bell Street)
Major junctions
North end Metropolitan Ring Road /
Plenty Road, Bundoora, Melbourne
  • Settlement Road
  • Grimshaw Street
  • Kingsbury Drive / Dunne Street
  • Boldrewood Parade
  • Murray Road
South end Bell Street/
Albert Street, Preston, Melbourne
Major suburbsKingsbury, Reservoir East
Highway system

Plenty Valley Highway is a 9 kilometres (6 mi) highway with a mix of two arterial roads in northern Melbourne, Australia.

Otherwise Known As[edit]

There are two street names which exceed the Plenty Valley Highway status[clarification needed] which includes:

  • Plenty Road (from Metropolitan Ring Road, Bundoora to Albert Street, Reservoir)
  • Albert Street (from Plenty Road, Reservoir to Bell Street, Preston)

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